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Shabir Sulthan

An award-winning musician maintaining a diverse portfolio alongside his music career, acting and executive producing. He is the only Singaporean musician to score 10 films in India. Shabir's original composition titled Singai Naadu (Land of the Lion) was specially mentioned by PM Lee in 2018. He has also produced movies in Kollywood with one awaiting release.


He has contributed extensively to the arts and language scene in Singapore by being a member of the National Youth Council, MOE’s TLLPC and the SG50 culture and community committee. Currently, he serves as advisor and assessor to the National Arts Council Singapore.

Shabir has won awards for his works in Singapore, India and Sri Lanka. His accolades include Singapore Youth Award, Asian Television Awards, Merit Award and Edison Award India. Shabir is also the producer of several successful music videos and he was the co-producer of Chennai 2 Singapore film.

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Malene Waters

An actor by training, Malene is a BSc Finance graduate who has expanded herself into writing and executive producing, actively demonstrating her fullest potential in filmmaking. She was a part of 2022's WritersLab by LASALLE College of the Arts in conjunction with screenwriter Colin Muir. 

At Comicbook, Malene plays a critical role in developing concepts, scriptwriting and supervising production workflows from pitch to broadcast, end to end. Her work ethics and professional opinions in every facet of production contribute to creating outstanding IPs.

Malene conceptualized and wrote for a fantasy drama series 'Thiravaathiman' (2020). She wrote for the shortfilm 'Microseconds' (2021) and an anthology episode of the 'Maiyam' series (2022). She has also written for informative programs. She was the writer and showrunner for the highly successful true-crime docu-drama series 'Pitham Kaniya' translates to Ripening Madness (2022).

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